Maury Microwave Corporation and Vertigo Technologies are pleased to announce that they have signed an exclusive development and distribution agreement with regards to Vertigo’s mmW and sub-THz active load pull technology.

“Vertigo’s proven active load pull technology for frequencies up to 1 THz, based on the use of mm-wave extenders, will empower our customers to take their on-wafer device characterization to the next level. It will be an excellent addition to our current offering and help further the development of the next generation of semiconductor technologies.” said Steve Dudkiewicz, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Maury Microwave.

“Maury Microwave is the ideal partner to help develop and commercialize our mmW and sub-THz active load pull system. Maury is undoubtedly the leader in this market, and our system will only help solidify its position as such.” said Luca Galatro, CEO, Vertigo Technologies.

More information on MMW-STUDIO mmW and sub-THz characterization software can be found here.



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