Non-invasive characterization of fruit and vegetables, using microwave sensing.

frεsco – Fruit Grading with Microwave Sensing

frεsco is a novel sensing technique, that allows to look inside fresh fruit, without destroying them. It is based on low energy microwave measurements, so that the sensor can look deep inside the fruit without modifying it. In this way it is possible to define several quality attributes, as well as defining ripeness stage, internal defects and shelf life, in a single measurement.

A complete and flexible sensor

Impact in the entire value chain

From farm and greenhouse, to logistics and distribution, down to retail, frεsco provides the perfect tool for advanced decision making, time-of-harvest prediction, ripening handling, quality assessment, shelf rotation and more.

One sensor to rule ’em all

6+ measurable attributes

Great results


Titratable acidity



Dry Matter

Ripening Stage

frεsco allows to measure quality attributes for many different fruit types and breeds. Do you have a specific fruit in mind? Please contact us using the form below to discuss how we can support you with frεsco.


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